The Winner of the Beauty Queen Responds to the Racist To Him

The Winner of the Beauty Queen Responds to the Racist To Him – The winner of the Miss Algeria beauty contest, which has just been crowned, attacked the critics who acted racist against him regarding his skin color.

“I will not back down because people criticize me,” Khadida Ben Hamou told the Algerian news website TSA.

The criticism regarding his dark skin tone, the shape of his lips, and his nose, has flooded Facebook and Twitter.

Black Algerians often face discrimination in a country located in the north African region.

Ben Hamou, who is from Adrar in the southern region of Algeria, said he was proud of his identity and the victory he had won.

“I am honored by the achievements of my dreams, and I feel honored to have come from Adrar, where I came from,” he said.

“I also encourage girls in my area to participate in competitions if they want to do it,” he added.

According to Vogue fashion magazine, he was the second black woman – after Nassima Mokadem in 2005 – who won the annual beauty contest.

Ben Hamou was able to go through 20 rounds in the beauty contest before finally being crowned Miss Algeria 2019 on Saturday.

His critics say he does not represent Algerian beauty, but he receives a lot of support from other people on social media.

Ben Hamou told the TSA, “Don’t judge people without knowing who they are, there is no difference between black and white people.”

The Miss Algeria organizers said they regretted “racist behavior and comments by some as a result of publications and photographs”. (BBC)