Sucking Shisha Is More Dangerous Than Smoking

Sucking Shisha Is More Dangerous Than Smoking – Besides smoking tobacco that we commonly encounter, shisha is also popular among lifestyle lovers “sucking”.
Shisha is an alternative to smoking by using tobacco mixed with fruit sugar or sugar cane drops and inhaled through a hose or tube.
However, research found that one session of sisha suction turned out to have a negative effect similar to sucking a pack of cigarettes.
Researchers also found that consuming shisha significantly increased a person’s risk of diabetes and obesity.

This research was conducted by researchers from Brighton and Sussex Medical School to investigate the adverse effects of shisha use.
Research shows that sucking shisha is more at risk for weight gain and type two diabetes than those who don’t smoke at all.
Research was conducted by examining participants from Iran. They were asked to fill out a questionnaire to analyze the smoking lifestyle they had, cardiovascular risk factors, anxiety, and depression.

Researchers also measured the biochemistry of the participants analyzed by taking a blood test. Of the 9,840 participants involved, the researchers found 6,742 non-smokers, 976 were former smokers, 864 were smokers, 1,067 shisha smokers and 41 people consumed cigarettes and shisha.
The results of the study link obesity, metabolic syndrome, diabetes and dyslipidemia associated with the habit of sucking shisha.
However, all of these risks are not related to smoking using ordinary tobacco.

These findings certainly question the popular assumption that so far assessing shisha is safer than smoking.
In fact, in this research researchers found that shisha is more damaging to human health.
Professor Gordon Ferns, as a researcher, said one smoking shisha session was equivalent to more than a pack of cigarettes. In fact, inhaled toxic compounds may be greater.
Researchers have not found why sucking shisha is more dangerous than smoking when it is associated with obesity and diabetes.
“There is a possibility that poisons in smoke stimulate an inflammatory response that causes tissue to become resistant to the effects of the hormone insulin, which regulates glucose in the blood,” he added.

But, Fern also predicts the existence of other social behaviors that can cause weight gain among these shisha lovers.
Because the effect is so bad for health, researchers emphasize the importance of the younger generation to reduce consumption of shisha, especially among young people.
According to a 2018 analysis from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, shisha sucking accounts for more than half the volume of tobacco smoke consumed by young smokers in the US.
“Now there is evidence that sucking shisha is very dangerous,” Fern said
said, sucking shisha is at risk for certain types of cancer and all diseases
“From a health policy perspective, it is important for the public to recognize the risk of smoking shisha,” he said.

The British Heart Foundation claims exposure to toxic substances because sucking shisha is the same as we suck 100 cigarettes.
Tobacco in shisha also contains cigarettes, nicotine, tar, carbon monoxide and heavy metals such as arsenic and tin.
The content is the same as tobacco that is in cigarettes usually.
Of course, this risks the same types of diseases as smokers, such as heart disease, cancer, respiratory diseases, and pregnancy disorders.

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