Son of Cristiano Ronaldo wins first trophy at Juventus

Son of Cristiano Ronaldo wins first trophy at Juventus – Fruit falls not far from the tree. It seems that the saying deserves to be pinned to Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. Cristiano Ronaldo’s first son has just won the first trophy in his football career.

The 8-year-old boy successfully brought Juventus U-9 to their first trophy in an age group competition in Italy, the Torneo Galup trophy. The father cannot hide his pride with the achievement of the child.

Ronaldo uploaded a photo of the child with a trophy he won on his personal Instagram account with the caption ‘Parabens’ which means ‘Congratulations’

Ronaldo Jr. following in the footsteps of his father who moved to Italy to play with Juventus. Previously, he played in the Real Madrid academy, the father’s former club.

Ronaldo said that the child has a character like himself when he was little. He also believes Cristiano Jr. will follow in his footsteps to become a footballer.

“Cristiano Junior is very competitive. He is like me when I was a kid. He doesn’t like to lose. He will be like me, I’m 100 percent sure,” Ronaldo said.