SAMURI, a Simple Solution that Effectively Prevents You from Oral Cancer

SAMURI, a Simple Solution that Effectively Prevents You from Oral Cancer – Globally, there are 300,373 incidents of oral cancer annually. Eleven percent of that number occurs in Southeast Asia, where Indonesia is one of the countries.

Oral cancer is often overlooked because the symptoms are insignificant and rarely occur. However, 50 percent of oral cancer sufferers die less than three years which means oral cancer deserves more attention.

Factors that can increase the risk of oral cancer include smoking, alcohol consumption, viruses, and poor diet.

Basically, we can do oral cancer early detection by recognizing signs that are quite simple. Drg. Rahmi Amtha, MDS. Sp. PM, PhD, Chair of the Indonesian Oral Disease Specialist Association, explained the importance of self-examination (SAMURI) to avoid the possibility of oral cancer.

Rahmi said, usually oral cancer begins with precancerous lesions characterized by discoloration in the oral cavity. This color change can be monitored to find out whether there is an oddity in our oral cavity.

This is rarely realized by patients because in addition to not paying attention to changes in the color and texture of the oral cavity, sufferers also do not feel pain, so the initial symptoms are ignored.

In addition, we also need to pay attention if you experience canker sores. The reason is that canker sores that don’t heal for one month and don’t hurt require further examination

Simple but important, the detection of the condition of the oral cavity, through SAMURI, itself is an obligation that must be done to avoid oral cancer. Rahmi explained, there are nine points that should be routinely controlled by each individual.

The nine points include the inside of the upper and lower lip, the inner cheek wall of the right and left, the roof of the mouth, the entire surface of the tongue, the lower part of the middle, right, and left tongue.

Rahmi believes, by increasing our attention to the oral cavity, the possibility of developing oral cancer will be very small.

“If precancerous lesions can be found and cell deterioration is not too far away, and the treatment response is still good, then the patient’s survival rate can increase by more than 80 percent or above 5 years. Thus, the death rate can be reduced, “said Rahmi.

On the other hand, although the initial detection of oral cancer is very important for each individual, there are still few dentists who implement it.

Therefore, Chair of the Indonesian Dentist Association, Dr. drg. R. M. Sri Hananto Seno, Sp.BM (K). MM, appealed to all dentists to carry out a comprehensive examination of the oral cavity, both soft tissue and dental hard tissue

“The right diagnosis must be a priority for public health goals. This is where dentists play an important role. Dentists not only check dental problems, but it is important to make early detection of oral cancer, “he stressed when met on the same occasion.

Seno also added, to maintain oral hygiene, not only brush teeth properly and properly, but in certain cases antiseptics are needed, for example those containing chlorhexidine.

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