Ronaldo Takes Juventus to Win

Ronaldo Takes Juventus to Win

Ronaldo Takes Juventus to Win – Cristiano Ronaldo saved Juventus from a goal in the 78th minute when they visited Atalanta at the Stadio Atleti Azzurri d’Italia on Wednesday (12/13/2018) night.

In the Serie A Serie A match, Juventus finally held a draw at home to Atalanta 2-2. After being able to excel through a quick goal due to Djimsiti’s suicide, Atalanta was able to equalize through the 24th minute Zapata goal.

Even in the 56th minute, Zapata took Atalanta to turn superior. But finally Ronaldo who entered in the second half was able to score a equalizer so that the final position was 2-2.

This match was indeed exciting, the two teams demonstrated the buying and selling attacks. But just two minutes into the match, Juventus had excelled when Alex Sandro’s cross tried to be driven away by Djimsiti but the ball instead led to his own goal.

Three minutes later, Juventus almost added a goal. It started when Paulo Dybala moved from the left wing then handed the ball to Bentacur and the midfielder fired hard from the edge of the penalty box. The round skin can be pushed over by Berisha and hit the crossbar.

Continuously attacked, Atalanta was able to equalize the 24th minute through a Zapata canti goal. Why not, with his back to the goal, Zapata had the ball and passed Bonucci and with his calm he managed to find a gap to beat the Juventus goalkeeper who was escorted by Szczesny.

Zapata’s goal made Atalanta more confident about Juventus. As in the 42nd minute, with his speed Zapata was able to get past two opposing players but when faced with Bonucci, the striker failed so that no goal was created. The first round ended 1-1.

Entering the second half, Atalanta increasingly dared to suppress the Bianconeri’s defense. Especially in the 52nd minute, after Juventus had to play with 10 people after Bentancur received a second yellow card after breaking Castagne.

Three minutes later, Zapata scored his second goal in this match. Receiving feedback from Gomez through a corner kick, Zapata managed to head the ball to beat Szczesny.
Of course that goal made Juventus panic. If this happens the Old Lady must feel their first fissure in this season in Serie A.

That’s why Allegri immediately put Cristiano Ronaldo, who was initially only made a backup player. The former Real Madrid player replaced Sami Khedira.

It turned out that what Allegri did was right because the 78th minute Ronaldo was able to score the equalizer. This Portuguese football superstar shows its magic. Starting from Pjanic’s corner kick floated to the far post at Mandzukic, then Ronaldo pushed the ball with his head from close range.

Even after Juventus became increasingly rampant and continued to lock in the Atalanta defense. In the second half of injury time, the Bonucci team captain managed to score a goal when grabbing Sandro’s header. Unfortunately the referee annulled the goal because Bonucci was in an off-side position.

Until the game ends the position remains 2-2. These results still make Juventus firmly at the top of the standings with a value of 50 within nine of Napoli who have only played 17 times. As for Atalanta, they kept them in ninth rank with a value of 25.

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