prevent HIV AIDS by avoiding free sex

prevent HIV AIDS by avoiding free sex

News, Jakarta The development of HIV AIDS cases in Indonesia tends to increase. Based on the report of the Indonesian Ministry of Health in 2017, there were 102,667 cumulative cases of AIDS and 280,623 HIV positive cases. Population Census Data for 2010, young people of Indonesia account for around 25 percent of the total population of Indonesia, which they are vulnerable to the dangers of HIV and AIDS as well as drugs.

Acting Head of the National Population and Family Planning Agency (BKKBN) Sigit Priohutomo said that the cause of HIV AIDS was increasing due to the low level of knowledge of the community, especially adolescents about Adolescent Reproductive Health (KRR).

In Sigit’s statement according to the release received by Health, Sunday (12/02/2018), reproductive health knowledge related to how to protect themselves from risky sexual behavior (free sex, injecting drugs), prevention of unwanted pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases (PMS), and around HIV AIDS.

The index of adolescent knowledge about reproductive health is 57.1 percent. The data was taken from the 2018 BKKBN KKBPK Program Performance Accountability Survey (SKAP). Although relatively low, the prevalence increased compared to 2017. The 2017 index was 52.4 percent.

To improve adolescent reproductive knowledge, since 2000 BKKBN has implemented the Youth Reproductive Health Program (KRR). In the last five years, the KRR program has been repackaged. At present the KRR program is known as the Youth Resilience program with the tagline Generation of Planning, which is abbreviated as GenRe.

“Through GenRe, adolescents are nurtured and directed to be able to live the transition period of adolescent life. The transition period in question is five. This is known as the Five Transitions of Life (Five Life Transitions), “added Sigit at the National Seminar on the Framework of World AIDS Day at the Horison Hotel, Jayapura a few days ago.

The transition period includes, continuing school (continuing learning), looking for work (start working), starting family life (form families), becoming a member of society (exercise citizenship), and practicing a healthy life (practice healthy life). judi online

Sigit hopes that the existence of “GenRe” can make Indonesian teenagers able to behave positively to mature the first marriage age and be free from TRIAD KRR (Three Problems of Adolescent Reproductive Health, namely Sexuality, HIV / AIDS, and Drug). If this step is reached, it will result in Indonesian teenagers being able to be responsible, achiever, and behave positively.