In China, Cancer Cured Without Surgery

In China, Cancer Cured Without Surgery

News – Nothing is impossible. That’s the right expression to describe the struggle of Elang in fighting lung cancer.

The 57-year-old man, now can breathe a sigh of relief after the doctor was cleared of lung cancer he suffered. In fact, if you look at the page, lung cancer is one of the five deadliest types of cancer in the world.

Lung cancer also contributes to the highest mortality rate in the world. The latest research results from the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) released by WHO found that in 2018 the disease mortality rate was estimated at 2.1 million from a total of 9.6 million deaths from cancer.

Met by Jakarta Journalists on Tuesday (11/12/2018), the man from Bekasi said about the beginning of the deadly disease.

Elang said, this could happen because he has an unhealthy lifestyle. Staying up late, consuming unhealthy foods, alcoholic drinks plus smoking habits are very familiar in life.

The bad habits unwittingly ushered in stage two lung cancer in 2015. In fact, at that time he did not feel any significant health problems.

“Not expecting, because my daily life is healthy, still active as usual. But when I see the results of routine Medical Check Up (MCU), there is a nodule in my lungs, “he said.

Knowing that he had lung cancer, worries immediately came to the mind of the father of three children.

“Yes, since then I have been so upset, work is not focused, but I keep thinking about finding ways to recover,” he said.

What Elang experiences can also happen to us, given our daily lives are not far from the trigger factors for lung cancer like the following.

Smoking habit

It’s not strange if cigarettes are named as the main trigger for the emergence of lung cancer, even other cancers. Quoted by page, 90 percent of lung cancer is caused by cigarettes.

Radon exposure

Radon is a natural gas that decays uranium, thorium and radium on rocks and soil mixed with air. This colorless and odorless gas can be carcinogenic, so it can trigger lung cancer when inhaled in high levels.

Chemical radiation

Uranium, arsenic, nickel and some petroleum products can actually trigger lung cancer. Workers or people who live in areas with high levels of chemical radiation are very susceptible to the disease.

Air pollution

According to WHO, air pollution has a major contribution to cases of lung cancer. This is increasingly frightening in countries that do not have a policy of reducing pollution levels.
Though 29 percent of deaths in lung cancer cases are caused due to the effects of air pollution.


Quoted from News, the emergence of cancer depends on the normal or not a person’s genetic mutation.

For example, we often see parents or grandparents who smoke all their lives, but in fact they are still fine. This proves that even though smokers are heavy, their genetic mutations are normal, so they don’t have cancer.

Then what is the secret Elang can recover from the deadly disease?

According to him, none of the medical examinations that had been undertaken could be a solution.

At that time, all the recommended treatment methods actually added to his worries. Meanwhile, what he wanted was a method of treatment without surgery or chemotherapy.

“I don’t want to be dissected, anyway I know chemotherapy is hard,” Elang said.

Elang belief that there were still cancer treatment methods without the need for surgery and chemotherapy turned out to be sweet fruit. From the results of browsing, he found St. Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou.

Armed with this information, he and his wife, Susi (57), immediately conducted consultations at the hospital representative office, one of which was in Jakarta.

Without considering the cost, Elang finally decided to seek treatment at the hospital.

“I closed my eyes on the budget, because my focus was only recovering,” he said.

After completing the administration, Elang and his wife then flew to the bamboo curtain country to undergo treatment.

What are the methods of treatment that Hawk travels until finally healed?


This is a minimally wound treatment method that functions to replace conventional surgery methods. Cryosurgery has actually been around for a long time, but has only just developed into a cancer treatment technology today.

This method has been approved by the US Food Drug Administration (FDA) as a modern technology that kills all types of cancer cells with high accuracy.

The advantage of Cryosurgery is its high success rate, but it is minimally invasive. In addition, it can also prevent cancer cells from growing back.


This method is a biological therapy by injecting anti-tumor immune cells into the patient’s body.

Not only is it effective in killing tumors directly, the Imunotherapy method can also stimulate the body’s immune response to fight cancer. That way cancer can be prevented from relapse.

Intervention Method

Chemotherapy is a progress in human history against cancer. But in conventional chemotherapy, the concentration of the drug spreads throughout the body, which has a negative effect on good organs.

So as a replacement, St. Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital has an Intervention Method.

In the intervention method, the drug is directly inserted into the point of the cancer cell. The level of drug concentration in the part of the tumor is 2-8 times higher than conventional chemotherapy drugs.

It is far more effective at killing cancer cells without causing side effects on other organs.

Well, from a series of treatments, finally Eagle was declared clean of cancer.

Since then, he has become more disciplined in applying healthy lifestyles, such as diligent consumption of healthy foods, exercise and not smoking.
“The cigarette killed you, it was written on the wrapper. I have felt it myself. ”

Other facilities provided

In addition to getting the right method, the supporting factors for Elang’s healing in undergoing lung cancer treatment are hospital facilities.

Susi, who was accompanying Elang at the time, said that the patient’s assistants also got facilities such as free MCU services.

According to him, the overall service at St. Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital is very different from hospital services in Jakarta.

“Here patients don’t feel like patients at all, the service is very satisfying,” said Susi.

Elang added, that while there he was very well served by all medical teams, even though professors. All medical teams are always on standby 7 days 24 hours.

Not only that, pick-up facilities from the airport, interpreters, psychological consultations, consultation with nutritionists, to tourism and shopping activities are also provided by this hospital. This is in accordance with the hospital motto, namely “Main Patient”.

What ever happened to Elang, could have happened to you or your relatives. Because it is very important to avoid the trigger factors and apply a healthy lifestyle. But if you already suffer, you do not need to worry, there is still hope for recovery.

With the support of the latest medical technology owned by St. Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital, this hospital can be an option for cancer patients who want healing without surgery and chemotherapy.

For ease of information, St. Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital provides online consultation services that can be accessed here and call centers at + 62812-978-978-59 which can also be reached via Whatsapp.

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