Defending Huawei, Chinese Companies Ask Their Workers Not to Use an Iphone

Defending Huawei, Chinese Companies Ask Their Workers Not to Use an Iphone News – A number of companies in China set internal policies so that their employees do not use Apple’s iPhone. One of the points, iPhone user employees will not get a promotion.

However, there is convenience if iPhone user employees want to switch to Huawei. The company offers a reimbursement of 25 percent of the price of the cellphone.

In addition, the price of Huawei mobile phones is also discounted specifically for employees. Each 50 percent for managerial lines, and 20 percent for ordinary employees.

This policy was made by a number of companies in China who sympathized with Huawei, which was facing a polemic with the government of the United States (US), resulting in one of Huawei’s officials being arrested by the Canadian government.

However, even though it seems patriotic by defending domestic companies, this policy has also drawn controversy. There are also those who consider it deprivation of freedom.

“Employees have the personal freedom to choose cellphone brands and should not be restricted by the company. Supporting local products is good, but there is no law prohibiting someone from using an iPhone, “said one netizen through Weibo social media.

“This policy must be reported to the Ministry of Manpower. Loving the country is indeed good, but using Huawei is not directly proportional to patriotism, “said another Weibo user, as compiled by KompasTekno, Wednesday (12/26/2018), from Quartz.

The policy of “opposing Apple products” was put in place by companies in China after the arrest of Huawei’s boss in Canada, on the orders of the United States. For example, Huawei is considered a Chinese spy.

Huawei has denied the allegations, but the country’s superpower government does not believe it. As a result, the friction between China and the United States again heated up.