Cesc Fabregas Will Leave England To France

Cesc Fabregas Will Leave England To France

Playqiuqiu.com – Fabregas, who has long been playing for Chelsea, who has previously played for Arsenal and Barcelona, ​​seems no longer needed at Chelsea’s football club.
Maurizio Sarri was willing with the departure of Cesc Fabregas. Because, Fabregas had to do that because it hit club policies. If seen from the inclusion of coach Maurizio Sarri, Fabregas is rarely played down by the coach.

Fabregas is one step away from leaving Chelsea and AS Monaco will be the next goal. The Spanish midfielder was reportedly in the city of Monaco to take care of his move. Indeed this is the best way for the senior player rather than always being benched by the coach.

This transfer is inevitable because both of them both need, both Fabregas who wants a guarantee as a starter and also Monaco who need top players to lift their position from the bottom of the French League standings. Monaco is currently in dire need of new players because the Monaco Club is in trouble on his team.

Indeed Fabregas no longer gets a place in the Chelsea squad this season. Since Sarri’s arrival, Fabregas only played six times in the Premier League with one starter. Total Fabregas has only played 15 times in all competitions.

Even though last season Fabregas could play 48 times in all competitions with 32 of them playing in the Premier League. So naturally, if Fabregas wanted a change at the age of 31 years.

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Not to mention the club’s policy that only extends a year’s contract to players who have entered the age of 30 years and over. Chelsea really need a young player what else is now Chelsea are also in the performance that up and down the game.

“I can only express my opinion, I do not know the club’s decision. And I think he must go,” Sarri said at FourFourTwo. Fabregas’s departure later also to find a good new player from the results of selling Fabregas to the Monaco Club.

“Moreover, the club has rules, for players over 30 years just extended a year. I do not want players as important as Cesc to feel unhappy,” he continued. In order to shine again and be able to play Fabregas must try to play in the French League what else later if Fabregas can play well will bring Monaco back to its heyday.

“I don’t know myself (about Cesc in Monte Carlo), yesterday he was off due to an injury, so I don’t know.” Therefore, we will see whether it will be true that Fabregas will be in the Monaco Club uniform and stay in it, Chelsea.

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