Borobudur Blow Peaceful Message Around the World

Borobudur Blow Peaceful Message Around the World

News MAGELANG – A peaceful message was given this year by the Borobudur Temple. Through Borobudur International Conferance (BIC) 2018, Friday (4/5), a variety of potential bulkheads who have shackled peace have been eroded. The vision is also united by floating harmony.

Inspiration is really blown from Borobudur Temple. Carrying the theme ‘Borobudur as Inspiration of Humanity and Civilization’, this monumental work belongs to all groups. This world heritage no longer belongs to a particular group, but becomes a cross-nation identity. The ending is that BIC 2018 has successfully built positive communication for all elements.

“Borobudur Temple is an inspirational symbol. Become a unifying diverse religious, political, social and cultural background. All merged into a kindness, “said the Director of Marketing and Service of PT. Borobudur, Prambanan and Ratu Boko Ricky Temple Tourism Parks SP Siahaan.

Located in the Main Clan, Borobudur Temple Tourism Park area, BIC was rolled out at 09.00-17.00 WIB. More than 500 participants seemed enthusiastic about listening to the inspiration given by the speakers. This event is even more special, because BIC 2018 uses the background of the Borobudur Temple. All participants from various countries were able to freely see the stair steps to the top of Borobudur. The panorama is complete with tourists going back and forth to Borobudur.

“The background is made transparent so that it is more integrated with the Borobudur Temple. Because through this BIC event, people are reminded to build civilization. These various communities and backgrounds gather for dialogue. “The aim is certainly peace, harmony and tolerance,” explained Ricky again.

Voicing a peaceful message through BIC since 2016, the conference continued to warm up. Hospitality was spread by Speakers Diane Butler and Hastho Bramantyo. The theme of the discussion is offered by The Challenges of Sustaining Heritage and Protecting Local Culture in Plural Societies. Diane Butler’s International Foundation for Dharma Nature Time explained that Borobudur played a role in peace dialogue.

“Borobudur Temple has a function of pilgrimage. However, Borobudur does not only belong to a tertiary community. With the role of cultural dialogue, Borobudur is a gathering place for many people. Their voice is one, namely peace, “Diane said.

Being a instrumental site, Borobudur Temple is exotic with thousands of panels and 504 Buddhist statues. Every year, Borobudur Temple is packed with Buddhists from all over Indonesia and even the world. They gathered to commemorate Vesak Trisuci day. Speakers Hastho Bramantyo said, the unique side of Borobudur could be a bridge of communication and global peace.

“There are many activities in Borobudur with diverse backgrounds. Borobudur is a media dialogue between cultural diversity and background. This dialogue then contributes to the media of communication and global peace, “Bramantyo said.

A similar tone was also voiced by the Director of Borobudur Indah Authority, Juanita. With the concept of religious tourism, the potential of Borobudur Temple is believed to be able to attract many tourists. Things that are considered very reasonable considering the attractions, accessibility, and amenities are very good. Plus, Buddhists are in the top 5 position. The number reaches 600 million people.

“Borobudur fulfills the 3A aspect as a religious destination. A variety of activities in the Borobudur Temple area will attract tourist visits. However, in general, the Borobudur area belongs to all people. “Borobudur Temple provides its inspiration through tolerance and peace,” explained sweet.

Optimizing the potential of Borobudur Temple, this area is divided into four National Tourism Strategic Areas. Areas that intersect with Borobudur include Yogyakarta, Dieng Plateau, Semarang, and Solo. “The area of ​​Borobudur Temple is supported by four strategic tourism zones. And, we are optimistic that Borobudur will become a magnet for tourists, “said Indah again.

This peace message was also greeted enthusiastically by the Head of Marketing Area I (Java) Kemenpar Wawan Gunawan. For him, the message of humanity, culture and peace emanating from the Borobudur Temple is universal and can be infused among religious people. “Not only for Indonesia but for the whole world. This is a bridge to peace. And, Borobudur always sends the message to be an inspiration, “said Wawan.

BIC 2018 also received appreciation from the Minister of Tourism Arief Yahya. There is inspiration and peace for all. And its recommendations can be implemented more broadly. “Borobudur is a Masterpiece of World Culture. Heritage has become a source of inspiration for new works in the present. As a world cultural heritage with the UNESCO logo, the value of Borobudur is extraordinary. Thank you for the peaceful message. Regards, Wonderful Indonesia, “said Arief Yahya, Minister of Tourism of the Republic of Indonesia. (Prihandoko)