Baby Fish Similar to Aliens News – Fish have many species and species. In addition to fish that are commonly consumed, many strange fish forms often attract the attention of many people on the internet.

Fish is one of the most popular types of seafood. In addition to delicious taste, fish is a source of nutiris and vitamins needed by the body. Even so, not all fish are safe to eat.

Reported by Wisn (12/14), photos of pink fish are viral on the internet. Its appearance is strange and creepy, making many people believe that this fish is an alien species. Of course this claim does not make sense, because the article, this type of fish turns out to be an embryo from a shark.

Scientists at Sulikowski Shark and Fish Research Lab, who were at the University of England, explained the phenomenon of ‘alien’ fish.

Baby Fish Similar to Aliens

Although still an embryo, baby sharks have grown in the womb. Including sharp fangs, and pink flesh that makes this fish species look creepy.
Similar to Aliens, This Creepy Fish Shape Turns Out to be a Shark Baby Photo: Facebook Sulikowski Shark and Fish Research Lab
“This is an embryo of a baby shark. Its size is only 33 cm, but its canines have grown from the beginning,” said one scientist at the Sulikowski Shark and Fish Research Lab.

Referred to as the porbeagle shark embryo, this type of embryo does have large and sharp teeth even though it is still in the womb. Even these ‘alien’ fish have learned to hunt prey, and eat eggs that are not fertilized by their mother’s womb.

In short, porbeagle is oophagous, an embryo species that develops by eating eggs in the womb. Usually it is the white shark species that most often survive with this method. So that the appearance of ‘alien’ fish is actually just a shark embryo.

Although it entered into wild animals, but sharks have always been popular transformed into food. But the scarcity of sharks, making food using sharks is controversial until the side effects of eating these fish.