A Woman Successfully Reduces Weight By Reducing Calorie

A Woman Successfully Reduces Weight By Reducing Calorie

Playqiuqiu.com – There are always new diet patterns, starting from the keto diet, fasting diet, vegan, and others. In fact, the key to weight loss is actually simple, namely calories in and out.
Pop Sugar talked to several women who managed to lose more than 34kg because of applying this simple principle

The key to their success in losing weight varies, such as preparing space in the stomach only for his favorite food, recording calories in and out strictly, using the help of the application.

Here are the conclusions of a simple but proven diet for managing calories:

1. Find the number of caloric needs

Before you start calculating your calorie and calorie intake out, you have to know how many calories your body needs in a day.

Cortland West, a woman who managed to lose around 36kg, used the Lose It application to calculate her caloric needs.
The application will then provide questions about basic information, such as age, weight, height, and so on, then calculate daily calorie needs.

“The application will help us calculate the weight that must be lowered in order to pursue the target as we set,” Cortland said.

Another application that can also be used to calculate calorie counts is MyFitnessPal. Jen Wagner is one who relies on the application and managed to drop 38 kg.

2. Plan daily calories

If you meet your daily calorie target every day, you can still consume your favorite foods and high calorie foods as long as the total calorie intake is maintained.

Jen, for example, only ate low-calorie snacks and lunch so he could eat his favorite Taco Bell at dinner time.

Taco Bell alone can contain up to 800 more calories.

“But because I eat only 300 calories and my snacks are only 150 calories, I can still keep my calorie intake below the target,” Jen said.

3. Record good and bad calories

Kim Dye has managed to lose around 45kg. He began his weight-loss journey by calculating calorie intake using MyFitnessPal.

“There is no strict diet or exercise planning, I only record all calorie intake, both good and bad, and adhere to consuming calories as recommended. Then walk five times a week,” he said.

Every time you can lose weight quickly, he will continue to be motivated to continue his business.

4. Don’t “drink” calories

When you start recording calories in and out, it’s very easy to see the number of calories increasing. Especially if we consume drinks containing sweeteners.

That was what made Cortland cut calories through the drinks she consumed.

“The main thing I lost in my diet was soda and sweet drinks,” he said.

Because, he said, “drinking” calories tends to increase calorie intake faster and he chose not to throw away the calories for drinks.

He chose to consume water or infused water, fresh tea or sparkling water without calories.

5. Focus on recommendations for fat, cholesterol and sugar

Calculating calorie intake does not mean we can eat any food. Food quality is also very important.

Julia Ana, a woman who managed to shrink her size from 26 to 14, claimed not to be too strict about paying attention to her daily calorie intake. However, he noticed the quality of food he consumed.

“I chose to focus on paying attention to the recommendations for the amount of fat, cholesterol and sugar every day,” Julia said.

For sugar, for example, Julia always tries to consume in reasonable numbers even less than that number on certain days.

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